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Micromedia Flash Tutorial
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Micromedia Flash Tutorial

Micromedia flash training internet based course

The self-paced micromedia flash training is exceptional. Our micromedia flash tutorial course meet or exceed exam objectives, teaching precisely what you need to know.

Flash MX Tutorial

Micromedia Flash
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Micromedia flash tutorial that's Easy, Convenient and Affordable! High-quality, self-paced training designed to help you achieve your goals. Affordable annual subscription plans give you unlimited access to an entire suite of training topics at prices that you just won't find anywhere else.

This course is for intermediate and experienced media designers and developers who want to learn graphics animation skills and use Flash MX.

  • Overview introduces what is new in Flash MX, explains what it does as a media animation tool, and shows how to use its drawing tools.
  • Animation shows how to orchestrate the dynamic elements of objects, including tweening and using various frames.
  • Text and Forms shows how to transform text into graphics and animated objects.
  • Coordinated Animations shows how to develop rich animations by integrating layers, scenes, and timelines.
  • Sound and Music shows how to use sound and music along with animation to create a movie.

During the courses, you will learn how to:

  • How it works
  • Basics of animation
  • Work environment
  • Tools, panels, and menus
  • Creating keyboard shortcuts
  • Layers
  • Drawing tools
  • Other tools
  • Colors
  • Organizing objects
  • Importing graphics
  • Symbols
  • Animation using individual keyframes
  • Frames and tweening
  • Shape and Motion tweening
  • Using tweening
  • Working with multiple layers
  • Movement along a path and toward the viewer
  • Tweening color
  • Morphing
  • Web site opener
  • Formatting text
  • Animating text blocks
  • Micro-animations and graphic text
  • Morphing text
  • Animated text banner
  • Setting the scene
  • Compound object
  • Animating compound objects
  • Organizing scenes
  • Independent timelines
  • Editing movie clips
  • Masking layers
  • Filters and masks
  • Creating a three-scene cartoon
  • Sound files
  • Importing sounds
  • Using sound in a movie
  • Sound control in buttons and frames
  • Controlling sounds in a movie
  • Editing, looping, and streaming
  • Music video

Our courses have special design features listed below:

  • Certificates of Completion
  • Instructional steps -- walk through a procedure
  • Exercises -- try it out
  • Notes - See additional information related to the topic in the text
  • Tips - See a different, faster, or easier way of doing something
  • Quick References - See a quick reference guide to the features introduced in a chapter
  • Details - Display more detailed information related to the current topic
  • Hotwords - See related information
  • Navigation Bar - Maneuver easily through the courses
  • Course Topics and Index -- with searching feature and hyper-links
  • Printable Exercises - PDF downloadable files
  • Sample Application Files - PDF downloadable files
  • Course Glossary
  • Skill Assessment - can be used for pre and post-testing -- tracking first try, best try and course grade - if passed, green check mark will appear as 'mastered' - hyperlinks to units within the course to go back and re-take a certain unit again. Use as pre-test to determine which course topics you want to focus on and to go directly into that unit.